$PHNX is a deflationary token on Radix

What is better than a limited supply? A reducing supply!


One of the main advantage of Bitcoin is that it has a limited supply. And what is better than a limited supply? A reducing supply!

Our tokenomics model is a deflationary model through burn mechanisms and more importantly buy back and burn mechanisms.

A deflationary supply is the best way to give value to the token holders. In that regard, buy back and burn is simply the must, because we buy $PHNX from the market, hence increasing de facto its price, then we burn the tokens, leading to a reduction in supply. This allows us to continually add buying pressure on $PHNX and reduce the supply.

How we do that?

The Phoenix project is making revenues on Radix and outside Radix: 50% of the revenues are to weekly buy back and burn and 50% to weekly invest in the PHNX Strategic Investment Fund.

What does the Phoenix team do to benefit its holders?

Phoenix, what else?

1) Weekly buys to sustain the $PHNX price

2) Weekly burns to cut supply

3) Weekly investments to generate passive incomes

4) Constant building and delivering for organic growth


The Cador

I made millions. I will now help you make billions!
Worst case scenario, I'll buy out Radix...



I made the mistake to tell the team that coding was more than a hobby, since then they expect me to create the next Google. Help!


If money was out of consideration, I'd quit my job and focus on meme creation. But my landlord does not accept $PHNX yet...

Cowboy Bebop

Education is my motivation and crazy ideas are my signature. So get ready for the next performance of $PHNX!



I woke up one morning and decided to manually create 888 NFTs, metadata included. How's your day been?


Corsican Emperor

I speak English so am de facto our project official speaker. I casually ambition to also become a Radix Emperor...